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How Mohalla Clinics function?

Why Mohalla Clinics are succeeding?

1. AAP Delhi Govt allocates India highest 14% Budget on Public Health

Spending where the mouth is. Successive governments have ignored public health and this can be tallied with their spending on health in annual budgets. Different state governments spend 3% to 8% of budget on health. This reflects bad shape of public hospitals and clinics.

With AAP Arvind Kejriwal running a clean corruption free and fiscally profitable administration Delhi government allocates double digit percentage budget. This in turn is spent honestly on staff, expenses and infrastructure. Final product is a public health model which benefits the public.

2. AAP believes & works on decentralized development

3. AAP delivers Healthcare to Neighborhoods

4. AAP allocates and spends 100%. Zero Corruption

5. AAP creates health facilities, hires doctors, supplies medicines, outsources tests & repeats

People who drive Mohalla Clinics

Satyendar Jain

Satyendar Jain

An architect turned activist turned politician Satyendar Jain the Delhi Health Minister has been instrumental in the overhaul of public infrastructure in Delhi. He is a Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA) from Shakurbasti in West Delhi. He is also the Public Works Department (PWD) or the public infrastructure building Minister.

The good schools and hospitals in Delhi are the symbols of great and efficient work of him.

Shaleen Mitra

Shaleen Mitra

Nimmi Rastogi

Nimmi Rastogi