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Saving Time. Saving Money.

Time & Money Saved. Two - three hours to a whole day’s time. The gains are huge in comparison to the time people used to spend in traffic, commute and in queues at hospitals. Households are saving ₹500 to ₹2000 every month on an average.

Timely diagnosis & treatment

In absence of any immediately available healthcare center people tend to ignore and delays going to Doctor.

With the facility of Mohalla Clinics at the neighborhood and in it a full range of 200+ tests; getting timely diagnosis has become easy and possible.

Freedom from Quacks

With no qualified health professionals available within neighborhood limits for the people patients ended up with quacks which harmed the health instead of relieving the condition. This widespread fraud on the people came to an end in Delhi with Mohalla Clinics.

Adoption & Emulation in other States

Good things travel fast. AAP Arvind Kejriwal government has set an example and a model in India which is surging all over. Different states governed by opposition parties are adopting the Delhi Mohalla Clinics Model in the states they govern.

The initiative in Delhi is bringing omen of good health for 130 Crore Indians.

  • Andhra Pradesh, Basti Dawakhana
    Andhra Pradesh
    Basti Dawakhana
  • Jharkhand, Atal Clinics
    Atal Clinics
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    Janta Clinics
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    Madhya Pradesh
    Sanjeevni Clinics
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  • Uttar Pradesh
    Uttar Pradesh
  • Gujarat
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    Aam Aadmi Clinic

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Mohalla Clinics

  1. Crowding at big hospitals avoided